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Sunday 15th June 2008 - 12:04pm
Finisterre (The End Of The Earth!!!) in map square [A1]
by Susan
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Look we made it!!!!! Here we are at THE END OF THE EARTH!!!!

Actually to be fair I havenīt quite made it to the end of the camino yet... I hear there is sign that says 0.000km... Iīve kindīve stopped in the town - where they have beds and stuff!

So Santiago was nice, I walked in with Nora from the Netherlands who walks so fast she did the whole thing from St Jean in 4 weeks! It was nice, especially as the arrows ran out halfway into Santiago and I would have been completely lost wondering around without Nora to ask people where the cathedral was!

I met up with pretty much everyone in Santiago, over the next couple of days. There was a bit of a feeling of "Eh? What now?" When everyone walked out of the Pilgrim Mass... Some folks were desperate to go home, some folks were a bit lost and others (like me) were fully confident that they had another 90km to Finisterre before they had to figure anything out!!!

After a couple of days off chilling (3 nights in places with my own bathroom!!!!) it was surprisingly hard to walk again.... I think mentally once I reached Santiago I was there, Iīd arrived and mentally I was now on holdiay... A little stroll to the seaside couldnīt be that bad right!?!

Ow! That first day walking again was SO tough! and HOT! really, really, really, really, really HOT! Now I know what you are thinking... Spain is supposed to be hot, but after weeks of cold and rain it was a bit of a shock to the system! I asked my folks whether the walk to finisterre was hilly "Not really" they said! Ha! I spent about the first 2 days walking what seemed like continously uphill in the scorching heat!!!! Still it was all very pretty, lots of trees and hills and stuff...

Walked 22km the first day to Negreira, where there was only 16 beds!! Managed to get the last bed but there were tons of later folks crammed into tents in the garden... turns out the bed situation isnīt any better this side of santiago! Spent the next night in a lovely private albergue in Santa Marina (i think - it was a road not sure it was totally a place...) then on the third day everything got a bit easier. I remembered I could walk again, just did an easy 14km to Oliveroa met up with a couple the bar folks from Sarria, had a lovely vegetarian meal...

Yesterday we all went a bit mad (it may have been the excitement of seeing the Sea for the first time in 850 odd km - a feeling I canīt even describe to you!) we were only going to walk to Cee but when we got there we had a REALLY long lunch with possibly the biggest tortilla ever ordered and then we figured "Hey letīs just walk all the way to the end of the earth!!!"

So we did! It was lovely walking in, we did about 32km but Iīm really glad we did as it was beautifully sunny and the last bit walking along the beach was gorgeous! Zoe just strode right in through the waves in her boots (which are more hole than boot anyway these days!) but I took my boots and socks off and walked barefoot through the surf with beautiful white sand and shells underfoot and it was amazing. A lovely cooling enjoyable end to a hot dayīs walk and a beautiful end to my camino.

We got in last night about 9pm and amazingly there were still beds in the albergue! Zoe of course had other plans - she found another crazy sleeping outdoors lady and they set off to sleep out at the lighthouse at the very end of the earth!!!

I am a bit gutted to have missed the sunset, still I hear they are rare around rainy Galicia. Zoe tells me she could only see clouds last night anyway so I feel better about not walking the extra 3km out to the end last night. (So really my camino isnīt over as I still havenīt got the the end!)

But last night we did have a bit of a celebration! We met Martina the English lady and went to a bar and toasted our success! We walked REALLY FAR you know! But still the graffetti in the loo of the albergue says "Donīt count the kilometers - itīs what you learn about yourself" or something...

Also I got another certificate, a Fisterra or something, and it has a sunset on it, so there.

When I came down the stairs this morning there was a girl Iīd seen a few times sitting on her sleeping mat on the stairs with her head in her hands.
"What will you do now?" I asked
"Iīm still trying to figure that out!" she said.....

Well Iīm on holiday.

In the cheapest pension finisterre can provide. Of course since I am now on holiday and not walking up hills it is pouring and pouring and pouring with good old Galician rain. If it stops for 5 minutes I will walk to the lightouse, throw my shell in the sea and burn a few clothes (certainly my yucky pink top - pink - what was I thinking!?!) Hooray!

p.s. So guess what! - A Danish sailor just offered me a lift back to England on his boat! Donīt worry I didnīt take him up on the offer but still - how cool would that have been - you get to the end of the earth and just take off sailing onto the ocean. :D

Comment Added: Sunday 15th June 2008 - 11:59pm
"Or you could've gone to Denmark?

Well done, mook!"
by Keith

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