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Tuesday 17th June 2008 - 11:30am
Fin De Camino? in map square [A1]
by Susan
So I walked out to the end yesterday... right out to Faro, past the lighthouse and onto the rocks to the VERY END OF THE EARTH......

There is a kilometer sign there that says 0.000km its not a myth! Also I know what the lighthouse looks like now - and its nothing like whitley bay!

We did all kinds of rituals. Zoe very bravely gave Nell (her stick) back to nature - I have an excellent picture of it mid-flight! And we burnt some stuff!

Im not sure what Zoe burnt but I burnt my horrid pink top and my yucky cream trousers! Hooray! It was SOOOO good to watch them go!!!! They had both turned more to the colour of mud anyhow after that many kilometers...
We sat on the rocks and watched the flames and sang songs and stuff (well more Zoe sang songs really) it was cool! [see photo]

I also threw my shell that I have carried since Le Puy back towards the ocean. I say "towards" rather than "into" as Im not entirely sure it made it, but still, Im sure itll manage to fall down the rest of the cliff in time... I also replaced it with another one that I bought off possibly the tackiest gift stall ever that they have up there - just in case I might want to come back and do another camino........ :)

After all the rituals and stuff we had dinner in the restaurante at the end of the world!

Felt really good walking down from the lighthouse, kinda peaceful like I had finished my camino... think I might be done walking for a while, up til then it was still in the back of my head to walk home but now as my mum says I might have "done enough walking for this year" !?!

Zoe headed off on a bus this morning. We walked back up to the end of the world very late last night. We missed the sunset (we were kinda late) but the sky was really beautiful and we caught the last of the the pinky/orange light, took some cool photos of ourselves on the rocks and watched the moon and the stars and stuff... a really nice ending.

Got up this morning to sunshine on a sparkly sea. Think Ill hang out at the end of the world for a while until its time to go home. Wherever that might be?

The End. :)

Comment Added: Tuesday 17th June 2008 - 6:54pm
"Yeah! Quick message for all concerned: Ive ran out of credit on my phone. So until im back in the UK, 1 or 2pm tomorrow, i cant accept incoming calls. But all is well with me. Staying in the nice private Albergue in Santiago tonight. Hooray for Spain! And hooray for me and Sunsan! Z x x"
by Zoe

Comment Added: Tuesday 17th June 2008 - 9:10pm
"And hooray for both of you from me too."
by Mum

Comment Added: Wednesday 18th June 2008 - 10:13pm
"Well done Susan, I was so pleased to see you made it safely to the end of the earth. I suppose you'll be doing the Camino del Cid next (Burgos to Alicante or is the other way round?)its only 1700km, chicken feed for the likes of you...Have a nice holiday, you certainly deserve it:-)"
by Caroline

Comment Added: Friday 20th June 2008 - 4:27pm
"Hey babe. Mum feels like she has walked it with you after reading all your blogs. Its nice to know you've finally finished and made it without breaking anything. CONGRATULATIONS! We've seen a pic of the cert's they look nice... xx Let me know whats happening... Keith's in France ( as u probably know) his phone is going off as he left his charger in Paris. Might come and see you's in Europe if either of you are still there in a couple of months. Got Keiths address if you need it. All the best - mum, Jill, dad."
by Jill

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