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Thursday 1st May 2008 - 6:16pm
Ayegui in map square [D2]
by Susan
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Well today´s been a bit of a disaster! (I told you there´d be a disaster soon eh?)

It started off well, we decided to have an easy day and just walk 13km to Lorca. That all went well, we spent quite a long lazy morning painting the view near a pretty place called Cir-something? Then when we got to Lorca it wall went wrong. We asked for a bed at the first hostel and I ordered an orange juice and they were full then I spent some time finishing the orange juice then we went to the other hostel and hung around for a while outside whilst zoe searched all over her bag for her credencial (which you need to stay in the hostels) then by the time she found it 2 german ladies had taken the last 2 beds!

So there was one bed left and zoe told me to take it and she´d sleep outside but I thought that was a crazy plan so we walked on... and on.... and on.... and on.... and on....and on in the heat of the Spanish Siesta until eventually we limped into Estella whihc is quite a big place.

Only there were no beds left in any of the 3 hostels in Estella so completely exhausted we had to limp up another 1.5km of hill to a kind of overlow place in a sports centre which is choc-full and basically we´ve walked about 24km today that´s 11km further than we meant to!!!

So we´re both pretty knackered and limping and our feet are in a pretty bad way...

Zoe´s gone off to buy cigarettes so I guess ít´s pretty bad. To be honest I was a bit worried about Zoe finishing this but given the state of my feet today I´d be amazed if I make it much further myself - not sure I can take many more days like today....

Life´s looking pretty bad and I think Zoe might be mad at me for bringing her here and not letting her sleep in a hedgerow... :(

Over and out exhausted Susan...

p.s. on the upside though there are 4 worms that zoe rescued off the path that wouldn´t be alive otherwise so I guess the world can feel good about that!

Comment Added: Thursday 1st May 2008 - 9:23pm
"You're both doing very well but it's really important to take time to restore your energy when you need to. Like maybe having a rest tomorrow!"
by Jenny/Muv

Comment Added: Thursday 1st May 2008 - 10:25pm
"Sounds like a ghastly day . . . what a shame when it started off so well. I think you should walk back to Estella-Lizarra and stay in a hostal (private hotel) or a hotel for tomorrow and have a rest - start afresh the next day and don't go too far. There seem to be two or three hotels in Estella-Lizarra. I've texted you the hotels and here is the web link for the hostals:"
by Mum

Comment Added: Thursday 1st May 2008 - 11:22pm
"I think your mothers have it correct. I think you've earnt a nice break. Maybe a day of eating? And sleeping. Maybe taking some photos."
by Keith & Mam

Comment Added: Friday 2nd May 2008 - 9:35am
"For all worried readers of this blog: I phoned our girls this morning (9:30 our time) and they were already outside the hostel at the next place - 9 km further on in Villa Mayor de Monjardin (Large House of My Garden) - first in the queue outside the hostel (which opens at 2. They had their feet out in the sunshine and Susan was drawing the church. Life was sweeter. Zoe has cigarettes and Susan has chocolate.
Apparently, there were 2000 pilgrims in Estella last night! More than the normal population of the town. Spain has a Bank holiday on 1st May and 2nd May so everyone is 'making a bridge' and taking a weeks holiday - and all in this outpost of the basque country it seems. Susan says it is very, very beautiful (I would like it - and we all know how fussy I am)."
by Mum

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