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Saturday 3rd May 2008 - 7:49pm
Los Arcos in map square [D2]
by Susan
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Thanks for all the nice comments folks!

And I rescued a worm myself the other day - everyone cept angela will be pleased to know! :D

Things have calmed down a bit, we´ve walked much shorter distances the last 2 days and been lucky getting beds an stuff. It was a bit of a close call today apparently the whole village is full again!

So I think the other day when we did 24km might have virtually killed Zoe so we´ve done 7km yesterday and 12 today and we´re aiming to go short again tommorow but we´ll have to see how the bed race turns out...

Anyhow a MUCH WORSE DISASTER has occurred to me today!!!!!!!!! MY CAMERA HAS BROKEN!!!!! That´s right the BRAND NEW one! When I got it out to catch the utterly beautiful sunrise this morning the lense wouldn´t close and after some (gentle honestly!) coaxing on my part the whole lens cap fell apart! A worse horror I can barely imagine... zoe did try telling me not to base my happiness on an external material possession or something similiar but that went down about as well as when I suggested she shouldn´t worry about not having any cigarettes....

Anyhow the walking today was wonderful, beautiful weather, beautiful views! (Obviously littered with stunning photographs I wasn´t taking..!) I did take consolation in the fact that my camera takes some sort of photographs and that cheered up a bit. It was really lovely countryside and Zoe was so happy she sang! Really! It was nice! :)

We were pretty lucky to get a bed (well not really a bed a mattress on the floor in the attic) in a private hostel on the way into town and it´s been pretty pleasant - just spent the past hour or so sitting by the river painting the church. A Spanish lady came to look at my painting, then she came back and although I have NO clue what she was saying I imagine it was along the lines of "You´ve drawn the church all bendy..!" :D

p.s. oh and we met John the english man with the caravan that goes round helping pilgrims this morning for anyone that´s heard of him. (Took a pic with my phone hope it comes out!) [see photo]

Comment Added: Saturday 3rd May 2008 - 11:38pm
"B-but it looked so strong! Maybe you should consider a career in camera testing?"
by Keith

Comment Added: Sunday 4th May 2008 - 11:46am
"I'm just re-reading Tim Moore's 'Spanish Steps' in which he says. "Groups of people passed, . . . And of course many more we'd never seen before and would never see again, resolutely en route from somewhere I'd passed yesterday to somewhere I'd pass tomorrow."

He talks about the hordes overtaking him but still manages to get a bed at 6 p.m - although admittedly not at the first place he finds.

He also waxed lyrical about Los Arcos, "an arcaded plaza of confounding beauty" - "arched and towered Renaissance majesty". But, he may have had rose-coloured specs on as it had just stopped torrentially raining since St. Jean. So you have been very lucky with the weather at least!"
by Mum

Comment Added: Sunday 4th May 2008 - 10:28pm
"Sorry I missed you to wish you well on chapter 2. I was about to do that when I looked at my e-mails for the first time for ages and saw one from your mum. I blame Jaime who is back from Japan and living with us. Anyhow it sounds like you're enjoying yourselves and that the sun is out. Que vaya con Dios!"
by jacky

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