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Sunday 4th May 2008 - 2:14pm
Torres Del Rio in map square [D2]
by Susan
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Well we're in Torres Del Rio which apparently means bulls of the river but so far their are no bulls and not much of a river...

It's very pretty here again, we were half thinking to push on to Viana but once we got here and it was soooo pretty... well... we just kinda stopped!

Zoe tells me she is fully intending to blog on here one of these days but frankly I suspect she is just to busy enjoying herself in the sun to go on the boring old internet! Now we´ve relaxed the pace a bit (probably gonna run out of money soon mind) everything´s got a bit more 'lie around in the sun and paint and stuff...' In fact I suspect I may be eating more chocolate than I´m burning off which is surely no kind of pilgrimage at all!!!!

Apparently it is sunday (which noone obviously bothered to tell all the idiots in our room last night when they got up at 5am!) which means that we've been going about a week. It's been a week of all kinds of adventures, in fact 2 days ago I did something rather shocking - I got my legs out! - or part of them that stick out beneath my shorts...! - Obviously my legs were a bit shocked, it being the first time they've seen the outdoors since cicra 1993 summer in Austria - mind not as shocked as the rest of the world as they were blinded by their sheer white-ness!!! (note for mums: yes I put suncream on them!)

I also took my first communal shower since similiar era the other day. I felt very shy and english about it all but the several elderly danish women who stripped off happily and pranced about naked as I suspect the scandinavians are apt to do seemed quite at home with it all. Still... shudder... let's skip over the rest of that story...!

As for tommorow... next week... who knows! :D

p.s. Mr Moo - there is a very large cheque made out to YOUR name from the water people at my parent's house. You might want to communicate with them to get it? Also I don't have your current email!

p.s.s. Thanks for all the encouraging texts folks - it's lovely to hear from you! :) :)

Comment Added: Sunday 4th May 2008 - 7:53pm
"No architectural comment on the "arcaded plaza of confounding beauty" or did you miss it in the sleepy haze of an early morning departure?"
by Mum

Comment Added: Sunday 4th May 2008 - 7:54pm
"Had any 'garbanzos' yet?"
by Mum

Comment Added: Sunday 4th May 2008 - 8:53pm
"Greetings,fearless adventurers,I hope all is well. Susan in particular will be relieved to know that the cats are fine and the fish have healthy appetites. Hope Spain is suitably honoured by the leg exposure! And The Hair! If you come across any young dock leaves, they taste good. But perhaps you'd better not eat the countryside...
Tim checked your five day forecast recently - hope you enjoy getting wet. Good luck x x"
by Muv/Jenny

Comment Added: Sunday 4th May 2008 - 9:31pm
"Sorry.-Torres Del Rio.- No bulls of the river.-

Torres= Towers------------ Rio= River"
by Javier

Comment Added: Monday 5th May 2008 - 7:47pm
"Oh 'towers of the river' makes much more sense!!! cheers!

jenny - don't worry zoe has found many more cats to adopt here...! :D"
by susan

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