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Only 1292km

Day 21 - Wednesday 23rd May 2007

Livinhac to Figeac

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St J only 1292km!!! did you spot the spider?
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St J only 1292km!!! did you spot the spider?
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I've never seen so many insects in my whole life! It's not like being in England where we've killed them all with pesticides, on any square inch of ground there was about 50 insects all crawling over each other. I think if I went again I'd take an insect identifictaion book (a very lightweight small one!)
We saw some really amazing shiny beetles of all kinds of luminous colours but they were all too fast to get a picture of!
The problem with insects is that by the time you've got your camera out they've crawled or flown way so this is a collection of the ones that stayed still long enough to get photographed!

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